‘Dutch’ supper in honor of Father Fitz..

After a long day.. Needing to take a relax and good nights sleep… Have gone for one of my Fathers favorite suppers.. Corned beef & real chips.. X

I remember this from a child.. And watching it with a strange longing.. Kind of wonderment of the strange looking meat, the crispness of the chips.. And the nose tingling smell of HP sauce on the hot chips and cold fatty meat.. Strangely provocative! Memories huh!!

So as I am staying at his place right now it makes sense to have my version for supper..

Good slices of bio – cornedbeef.. Fresh cut potatoes.. Tossed into Fathers stash of very high quality Buckinghamshire rapeseed oil.. Fresh dill and chives from his roof garden and a great swipe of sea salt and pepper..

Cooked in the oven.. When done.. Room temperature melty meat.. Crispy salty seasoned fries.. Cold red sauce.. Lovely Jubbly x

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