Amsterdam Roots Festival

Have arrived in glorious sunshine to amsterdam.. Am attending the ‘ROOTS festival’.. From what I understand the last day of a week of various happenings across the city.. All with an international flair..

Lovely in the park after a tram ride through the city.. Supposed to be international cuisine here yet to be honest with you its kinda plain-jane.. They really need FitzBergs food architecture here.. Now THAT would be a fantastical assortment of food journeys from across the globe.. All in wonder food-technicolors, LSD colors.. All natural of course.. Still.. Nice to wander through the park and sit on the grass under a tree.. And to eat?

Gone for a Korean Taco.. Beef, veg.. Sauce and the ubiquitous Kimchee… Very good.. Better bread possibly yet very good.. Passed through a few other stalls.. As per pics! (Great looking profiterol maker!)

Good job I visited the mecca of jambon before coming out… What a place!! Wicked sandwich on buckwheat bread. With various sprouts.. My advice?

Eat before you arrive…

My thoughts..? As I travel the world attending food type festivals.. They all need a MR FITZ x

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