Pappys Ninety First

My Fathers father is 91.. Yup 91 years.. Pretty good!

So.. All the Fitzgerald side of the family gets together at his house to say hi to him..

Everyone brings something to eat.. Some cook, some purchase.. All share.. X

What from Mr Fitz?

Remember those super organic free rangey chucks I got a while back? Well.. After stripping them down post roast.. Sat with Mrs Fitz to work out a plan.. Whizz it up with various herbs spices, onion & garlic powders… Goog glugging of corsican olive oil.. And the magical additions?

Porcini brought back from Piedmont last season.. I dried ’em out and kept the in a kiln jar in the dark.. We have used the more whole pieces so Mrs Fitz suggested we blitz the remainder into a fine powder.. OH MY EFFING GODS!! The smell in the kitchen was simply stunning.. I was back in Piedmont trying to converse with the seller.. (Will find a pic of him..he was cool!) , I stuffed them in the mini-bar of a very posh hotel on the seafront in a place I forget.. Reckon housekeeping couldn’t have been too happy!

(I hung a load of charcuterie, smoked and unsmoked in the master suite walk in wardrobes in an un-named hotel in Cork once.. Mrs Fitz was not amused.. Am surprised that the wild animals didn’t come get us!! X that really did smell ‘fresh’ ahahha)

Anyways.. With the addition of this mystical fungus.. And the piece des resistance, (I have an Uncle called Des actually.. That’s quite funny x) and the last of the shakings of the Umami? Powder.. It was done.. Froze it.

Store bought pastry.. Defrosted mix.. Sprinkle on a pinch of sumac and nigella seeds.. And Mrs Fitz baked her fantastico Soda bread with buttermilk and ladlefulls of love.. x

Ahh wahhh laaa!

See you next year Fitzgerald family x

(Oh yeah.. And this store bought brownie from Uncle John in Sheffield was serious stuff man.. Serious.. )

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