Mr Wallenberg cod & chorizo.. BBQ style..

My dear friend Marc has finally joined the revolution!!

He is rapidly becoming a BBQ master .. BIG time!! Pit-Boss.. Full steam ahead..

So what did he mail me tonite? Well sounds delightful.. And so very very summery indeed.. Nice.. I may even try this fish dish.. Or maybe just leave out the fish and hit up more chorizo.. X

Looks like perfect coals also.. Just the right amount x

Here’s the gig:

It was cod filet, chorizo, tomatoes wrapped on a parcel (you can have optional spring onions and olives). Let it marinade for a few hours. Then cook on bbq for about 15-20 mins.

Jo got the recipe from daybreak website. We then done new potatoes with mint, feta, red onion and lemon zest.

You need to get down… X (you are darn right.. I will and you win this months apron contest.. It will be with you Monday..)

Grilla Killa! X boo-yacka son.. (See am ‘cool’ also x haha )

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