Burgers.. Burgers.. Burgers!!

Ok.. So the store we don’t like no more (due to location x) … Had a heap of good beef mince on sale.. Like real good mince..

So what did I buy? Ummm ALL OF IT! Ahem..

Now then what to do with TEN KILOS of mince?.. Why of course.. Make burgers.. Of all types.. Mrs Fitz not as impressed as me for the amount of meat.. Yet was a wonderful help in pressing them all out..

Am sure though that as the pressing went on.. The burgers may have not only got thicker yet also a wee bit ‘odd’ shaped.. X still thanks Mrs Fitz for not only keeping up with me on the pressing versus my recipes for the meat.. Yet the volume! X

Gone for sweet an spicy, italian, six spice, (father passed on some last jars of new orleans chef paul spices.. Cool.. Yet use up time! ), ras an hanout .. (You know the Moroccan one.. Brought that back a while ago.. Needs using.. And a real spicy south african one.. Plus a few simple thyme and stuff ones.. All of course dressed with that great chicago onion powder and a shimmy of garlic powder..

I tell ya.. We not only now have a heap of probably the best free rangey beef burgers on the planet.. We also had fun x

Just gotta get them into the deep freez now..
Had a couple for supper.. On brioche toast.. White onion, crunchy romaine and steak sauce.. Lovely.. X

Looking forward to ‘Q’ing’ up the rest x

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