BBQ hot weekend..

Its hot.. At last.. Like real hot.. What to when so hot? Fill the pool.. Get the loungers out..

Discover you have bees nest in the roof lining of ya shed.. Yeah.. Blinkin bees nest.. Will get that looked at..

Try to keep Mr Wentworth cool.. Bless him.. X

To keep us cool?

Lemon water. Just sliced placed in filtered water and topped with ice.. This is THE drink for such a hot day.. Any where you are in the world.. I have experienced the magical refreshing and cooling effect of this restorative elixir in many countries..Its just the ticket x

So to eat.. Gotta ‘Q’ in this weather.. Its the only way.. I am rapidly becoming a convert to the Weber way.. My attorney has been using his for years now.. And he gets great results.. My pal has just hooked up with one.. And is smashing it! Cooking all kinds…

I am still ‘open-face’ with the Dancook bbq.. Is cool.. Holds the heat real well .. And gets you to look at the food cooking which is pretty cool I reckons x

For us? Burgers, Lamb chops, Corn in a thyme and bristol pepper butter dressing.. Sausages and divine little lamb pinchos.. Very good indeedo! X

For my attorney.. Ummmm smoking up BIG time.. He called to say that the smoke was just crazy!! Like blocking out the sun crazy!! Hahah .. Ribs looking good though..

You can see he picked off a bit of the rub. Juicy pork run underneath. He went mad with the rub, Baharat, cumin loads of ground black pepper, chipotle rock salt and smoked paprika. Gonna lightly barbecue some gem lettuce to go with it. Smoking with hickory chips… Yet serious amount of smoke!!

For my pal.. Spring leg of lamb, Marinated with garlic sea salt and black pepper, olive oil and 5 gloves of garlic over night. Then slow cooked on the weber (in-direct method) for 1hr! Very nice indeedo !!

All great ‘Qing’.. All great friends.. Ahhhh x

Happy weather time.. X

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