Truffle butter & Ajman UAE


Well needed to crack two posts with one..

As we are now in the UAE after a very eventful journey that involved a nutter ploughing into the back of us en-route to the airport., destroying his car yet luckily for us (kinda)., just smashing the back of ours.. Still had to call the cops and the highest agency.. Really annoying as now have to deal with insurance etc.. Plus repairs.. Am still very very mad at him for hitting us.. Yet hey at least we were not hurt… Feckin fecker!!

So just before leaving though I needed to use up that wonderful Umbrian black winter truffle ..

What to do?

(Ok the title gives it away somewhat !)..


Grate it up really generously into unsalted butter ..

Into parchment paper..


That will freeze excellently .. 😘

So that’s the wonderful truffle ready for eating up upon our return..

So after a full yet comfortable flight , despite a nervous and still actually in shock journey to the airport..

We have arrived.. Knackered.. Yet alive..


What a view of the Arabian waters.. !

And a sandy lunch of burger, fries , chicken wings and a Heineken ..


And a lovely room gift.. I love room gifts!!


Indian tonite for supper.. A pure grill Indian.. Looking forward to it!

Oh! Where is Ajman? Ok.. You got a pen? Get to dubai.. Go past it through Sharjah and you get to Ajman.. Very different to dubai itself., yet spit on for a restoring break.. And man do we need one of those!!

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  1. What a beautiful view, Mr. Frtiz. Have fun! 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous view! Very jealous! Enjoy

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