Shepherds pie sans truffle!

Ok.. Am feeling just slightly truffled out.. Decadence can only last so long huh? 😉

So a lovely shepherds pie is just the ticket as we both have chills and coldesque type shivers at the moment..

Don’t forget that shepherds HAS to be lamb or mutton, beef for cottage..

Red ticket organic lamb..


Defrosted on that defrost plate ..

Onions carrots and celery chopped and fried off.. That really does need to be the magical base for these type of affairs I swear..


The lamb added with lamb stock and seasoning, bay from my grandfathers garden and Rosemary from ours..


And the magic secret .. A squish of tommy K..

Potatoes peeled and boiled..



That’s fantastic grey French sea salt..

And mashed up.. With pimped Mrs middletons roscoff garlic oil..


The mash topped on the mince .. And baked till crispy ( the addition of the egg yolk is the kiddy for this..)..


Served with extra tommy k..

Truffle-less yet stunning all the same!

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6 replies

  1. Truffled out? You are spoiled! I wish I was truffled out. Regardless, you shepherds pie looks delicious!

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  2. Decadence should never have a use by date Fitzy!!

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