Truffled hanger steak, truffled potatoes, truffled green beans

Truffle everything right now!!

That beautiful Umbrian winter black truffle is just calling out to be eaten.. I have already shared a little of it with some pals.. One of them the butcher that ‘donated’ the steak in return..


The other donating the military grade container for me to keep it and hopefully many more in!

So this steak.. As you probably know it is my favourite piece..


Simply rubbed with wok oil. ( a mix of ginger, sesame, garlic and sunflower oil).. And cooked for forty seconds each side in a very hot iron pan..

Of course the potatoes were cooked first!

Red ticket Charlotte potatoes halved and dressed in Mrs Middletons pimped Roscoff garlic oil, dried oregano, thyme , marjoram and maldon salt..


Roasted in the oven till crispy , about half an hour.. Then unsalted butter added for flavour..


Fine French green beans simply heated with kettle hot water.. Tumbled in unsalted French butter..

And LOADS of beautiful Umbrian black winter truffle micro planed over the lot..


I suppose purists would roll their eyes at this.. Yet hey! Enjoy what you like however you like it I say.. ✌️

A cup of tea and a cream cake for dessert..


And two hounds, Mr Wentworth having been schooled jn truffle hunting already of course.. Minding that black gold for us..


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  1. I have a very similar meal I love to make. However, what is missing is definitely the truffle. Which looks awesome and would be very much appreciated on my plate as well. 🙂

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  2. oh, oh, am drooling, all that lovely truffle! 🙂


  3. Priceless expressions on the faces of your truffle hounds!



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