Truffle Hunters..!

We made it.. after a breakfast worthy of a good hunt, me & Mr Wentworth drove the short distance to the secret location..

After gaining access through the big iron gates.. we meet Marion Dean.. with a big smile.. and Mr Wentworth doing his best to look interested..

Let me tell you now.. I am writing this knackered.. we have spent the day tromping about.. with time inbetween learning about truffles.. the types.. the Latin.. the Greek!! Sheesh! Loads to take in..

In true training style the best way to learn is to follow.. so Mr Wentworth watches as Marions dog perfectly and effortlessly finds the hidden truffle.. (in a protective box of course! )

Mr Wentworth actually seems to be getting this.. although his puppy genes kick in from time to time.. bugger..

He gets quite good though and I am happy.. Marion perhaps not as happy or as confident as me! X

Lunch? We eat a truffled omelette.. a whole truffle run over a microplane.. it’s nice.. I like it.. Mr Wentworth not allowed any.. ‎makes sense really!

After lunch we continue.. this time moving out onto land that Marion has hidden truffles.. this is so Mr Wentworth realises that there can be more than one.. of course has h‎is mad looping about moments.. of course.. thanks Mr Wentworth!! Thanks.. x

He does good though.. until he finds a bone.. uh oh.. well manage to get it offa him.. yet the truffle piece has gone.. we relax again.. more training for Mr Fitz from Marion.. while Mr Wentworth has a snooze.. upon awaking we go again..

He gets it!! Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!

Does he pass the course? YUP x

We get given a certificate. A truffle for me to eat.. and some training truffles to continue with..

Heavy duty day.. learning geology, training techniques, truffle varieties.. flora and fauna!! of course and the laws.. and how not to get into trouble..uh-oh.. And I have wet feet x

Great day though.. so so so so pleased we have done this.. just gotta keep it up.. and the proof in the pudding.. let’s snuffle a truffle on our own!!

We can only try.. and win!! X

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  1. Well done you! Sounds like you had a great day. Jack

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