A somerset jaunt..

‎As we leave somerset with our truffles and heads full of new found knowledge.. we (me an Mr Wentworth) decide to take in some of the food related sites along the way..

First stop Julien Temperleys Cider Brandy distillery.. perhaps not the greatest first stop (hic!).. lovely people.. had a great chat.. I first remember seeing him on Rick Stein many moons ago.. and his two stills.. Fifi and Josephine.. making the most wonderful ‘calvados’.. superb!

Picked up a bottle for the holiday season..

Next stop.. a smokehouse.. supposed to be great.. nah.. nope.. sorry fellas..

Gave up then and called my attorney to help me find my way outta the backroads..

Mr Wentworth was great in the truck.. he loved it.. a few stops.. passing once more past stonehenge and we were home.. filled with the glory of the spoils of the hunt.. very proud yet completely bushed x

Great experience just utterly ‎wonderful x

Thanks Mrs Fitz for helping us out.. x


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