Jacks: Cheats Spag Bol

This is a great cheatey recipe from My pal Jack.. move over Delia!! Jack’s at the helm!



Tonight I decided to cook some Spaghetti Bolognese. I had a jar of that well known ready made sauce prepared by that Italian puppet family – the Dolmios.

However that’s not how I cook.

So I had to add something but what?Well as you know I grow my own carrots in potato bags so picked a couple and sliced them up, sliced up a rasher of unsmoked bacon and a couple of large mushrooms I bought at the Wakefield farm shop on the way back from Stratford yesterday.

Not having much time after the pub I decided to use the pressure cooker.

So browned the mince and added the bacon, carrots, about 1/2 pint of beef stock and the mushies. Cooked it for 7 mins, added the Dolmio, heated it through and poured it over spaghetti.

Hey presto. A quick cheats Spag Bol!

I am doing this one.. for sure.. it’s cool x

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