Veal schitznel lunch & Steak Pies

‎Off to Eire so had last nite some freezer pies.. and very fine they were too!

Charlie Bighams steak numbers.. problem was forgot the box.. luckily a quick call to my attorney assisted with the temp and time.. and perfect they were indeed.. Thanks attorney sutton!! X

And for lunch today? Veal Schitznel.. blinkin glorious.. beat out the veal.. egged and crumbed.. fried in tiny olive oil.. served with new potato and rocket inferno ‘crush’.. a lovely lunch indeed..‎ x

Made a bunch of sausages for my Irish family.. E types.. one really soft herby number.. and a chorizo style all meat number.. wicked!! They gonna love ’em x used some of that bay distil I got sent.. maybe this is what I will use them for.. hmmmm..

At the airport now.. chocks away!

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  1. The bay in Dan’s bay distiller is from Poppy’s garden. It’s a family affair as Sly Stone would sing.


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