Sausage making time! (And hogget chops, jersey royals and purple broccoli).. 

Whenever I need a good think about things.. Sausage making helps me through it! You can see a bunch of them here!

These ones I am making with great chipolata style skins .. and a mix of old English blend pimped up with some extra all spice.. The meat is ground shoulder of pork.. That took a good while in the hand cranker.. 💪

Then stuffed into the skins.. And hung up on the kitchen cabinets.. 


Cool huh? I made some more for a pal too.. He wanted some super spicy ones so all these arbol chillies went in! 

 With some sweet pepper mix that I scored at a recent trade show as a sample too..


I got a text from him saying that they were indeed delicious yet hot hot hot !! Oops!

Now what to cook mine with? Well some great hogget chops  over fire ..

They were glazed up in a wonderful minty number.. That bright orange one you see in butchers trays.. 


Delicious with some jersey royals and purple broccoli 

You gotta love this time of year! 

More of those sausages featuring soon!.. 

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  1. This is an old school food classic.. Bangers, mash and beans ‘pie’..  – Cooking with Mr Fitz

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