Leftover baked potato Falafel battered bites! 

Excuse me if you have heard of these before.. I for sure never have.. So I therefore claim them as my invention.. Can I do that? Well why the heck not! I am SO THERE! 

A couple of jacket potatoes left over .. Normally wonderful fried off in a little butter and oil.. Yet I thought more.. Hmm 

Ok here goes.. 

A blend of maseca and plain flour.. some raining agents too.. And cold water..


It bubbled away pretty well..

Chopped into chunks the potatoes were tumbled in falafel spices.. 

And added to the batter then fried off in sunflower oil .. I really am liking sunflower oil again. 

Super crispy yet so soft inside.. The chewy skin turning crisp inside the crisp batter.. Double crisp!! 


Salted and served with a dazzling array of condiments… These are a winner I tells ya! 

Very cool invention.. Well done me.. Ahem…  

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13 replies

  1. Great idea! I have a soft spot for fried and crisp.

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  2. PS: Where did you get the falafel spices from?

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  3. “Raising agent” not raining….predictive text….lol X

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  4. Copyright it! Could go viral. YUM!

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