Mrs Fitz Greek yoghurt bread

Mrs Fitz makes exceptional bread.. Truly exceptional.. Not often enough I reckons!!

It’s hearth bread.. Proper homemade bread.. Equally delicious with butter, jam or meat.. A bread for soup of stew.. Toasted in the morning.. An almost cake like quality.. And she thinks that’s because if the Greek yoghurt in it..

The recipe? Don’t know..!! I get sent outta the house when it’s being made.. That’s how secret it is!! She may share it one day., u dunno x

I ate mine simply with mortadella..

That ham that is almost the kids end of pork product .. This is the one without pistachios.. Jolly nice too !!




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4 replies

  1. Nice Post I Like It 🙂
    invite you to like and follow my blog also 🙂


  2. That looks fabulous!! Thanks for reminding me that I am long overdue for a bread recipe 🙂


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