Steak and nuggets ..turf and turf?

Ok.. Yesterday was surf and turf sandwiches.. This was all about turf and hmmm ahhhh ummmm turf?

First a sirloin on the bone.. Simply cooked after rubbing with chilli salt and Bristol blend pepper.. Finished with butter .. Served with Spanish olive oil potato chips/crisps.. Warmed in the oven and dusted with umami rush powder.. And a simple use up salad with Italian dressing.

Easy and delicious ..

Onto turf two…

Free range organic chicken breast chopped into chunks into a bowl of water and triple coated in hot and spicy chicken coating.. Good one this!!

Left for a couple of minutes and then fried in mrs Middletons rapeseed oil ..

Simply delicious.. A crisp crisp coating.. Kinda spicy.. Followed by soft and giving chickeniess ..

This is chicken nuggets on a super scale.,

Served with a selection of sauces. Hoisin, sweet and sour. Ketchup , and chilli mayo..

A nice comforting dish this.. I think the colonel would be proud ..

I was .. X









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