Cottage pie.. Yeah y’all .. Cottage pie

” What do we want? ‘Cottage pie! “When do we want it? ‘NOW!’

Well at least that’s what I think I heard going on I my head.. X

And who am I to let the side down? !!!

So .. Defrosted the Hereford beef mince. Truck has gone back into the shop to try fix it’s on- going water problems.. So en-route went to the store. Maris piper spuds are required for this topping I reckon, also a swede. A couple carrots and a whole red onion for the mixture..

All peeled and chopped.. Set to boil or braise.. Some secret spices added to the browning mince to pimp it into the unctuous savoury delightfully dizzy inducing transportation to cottage pie land.. That special place where the delphiniums grow strong by the wooden stable door of the whitewashed stone cottage.. A wisp of smoke coming from the chimney even though it’s a glorious day!!

I digress … Apologies.. Though this is seriously good filling .. Just the right amount if gravy versus meat, carrot and onion.. Yet wait !! There is more!!

The mash topping?

Those cubed Maris piers and the swede have been married by the addition of the bay leaf.. And are ready to join the smooth community..

Butter, salt, Bristol blend pepper, a splash of milk a drop of oil and two yolks from the burford browns.. This all together makes the best fluffy light as a cloud mash topping for this cottage pie .. The perfect sky for the perfect earth.. Oooh am looking forward to eating this creation!!

Couldn’t find the exact pan I wanted to use.. Still this one is cool.. Spreaded out the mix. Topped with the topping..

Allowed to cool completely .. Before popping into the oven at 175 for twenty minutes.,

Crispy Goldeny softy lovely..

What do we want? Ummm a small nap now..! When do we want it? Just after this small piece of ice cream.. Thank you









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14 replies

  1. Mr Fitz, can’t comment on your last post? Did you turn off comments? Fiesta is open now.


  2. odd, I went to sleep last night wondering how I might make a vegan cottage pie…have to work on that.


  3. I tried egg in a mash topping only recently, what a difference! Your blog is making me hungry for cottage pie at 11 am!


  4. Yum yum yum! Comfort food in the cold winter days!


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