Buttermilk scones Based on Delias of course! 

With buttermilk still left looking forlon at me in the fridge knowing that at any point it’s gonna get discarded. I decided to make a rescue plan.. 

Scones.. Who doesn’t dig scones? 

Of course many a recipe and many a chef/cook extolling the exacting a and the sciencings about preparation and cooking. 

Ignore them all .. 

Scones are really simple.. 

Armed with a refresher look at delias recipe ( always my go to gal in these situations, delias recipes just work..).. 

I doubled her quantities and ignored some of here advices.. I have buttermilk needs rescuing.. 


Into the bowl went 450 self raising flour, the carton of buttermilk, a large egg , 150 caster sugar, some water . 175 of salted butter.. And a pack of golden raisins .. 

All mixed up.. By hand.. Sticky hands.. More flour was needed.. As again no precise measurements.. 

Then patted up into a kind of doughball and squished down, now you don’t want them too thin.. A minimum of 2.5 CMS .. Minimum.. 
Using a champagne glass as the cutter just press down.. No twisting.. 


Keep going till they are all done.. You can keep resquishing the dough back up.. (Or is that down??).. Into a preheated oven at 200 degrees real money.. For 12 minutes only.. 


Now.. If I had remembered to brush the tops with buttermilk.. Liquid butter, or milk then they would have gone brown..  I didn’t.. See what ignoring advice gets ya sometimes! 
Yet spilt open.  And a dollop golf Cornish clotted cream in each to melt through.  An outta jam right now.. To be honest it’s not something we normally carry in the cupboards.. 

The cream is perfect.. And soaks in creating a wonderful mouth morsel.. 


A final shake of icing sugar on the top.. And they were done.. 

Time for Cora Murleys singing lesson.. I tell you if there is a warcrying attack by feathered headdress wearers.. They are in for it! 


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