Irish soda bread easy as the one times table

its is ridiculously simple .. And Mrs Fitz loves it.. 

And simple is where I am at right now.. 

It also doesn’t require exact measurements like a scientist ..

A mix of strong wholemeal flour and some plain white flour.. A carton of butter milk.. Two teaspoons of baking powder.. And a tablespoon of salt.. ( you do need that)..  And some water..


Mixed up with a knife then the hands..  
Into a ball of dough and the obligatory slates about a third in deep.. 


Dusted with more flour and into a hit oven at 200 degrees real money for forty minutes.. 


TAAAA DAAAA! 📯📯📯🎉🎉🎯👌✌️👐👏

Eaten hot first with some butter… 


That’s going with more stew tonight! 

There you go.. Stupid simple.. Tasty as feck ( check the Irish there huh?)😉

No proving, resting, science stuff.. Take that #greatbritishbakeoff  

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  1. Going to add this to my weekend cooking!


  2. Was just looking for a recipe for Irish brown bread… nice and easy. Thanks!! Haven’t made for aeons… 🙂

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  3. Isn’t hot bread with real butter just the best thing ever?!!! Yours looks perfect!

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  4. Yes please! With some homemade jam or a chunk of cheese ☺

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  5. This is great. And I have a carton of buttermilk in the fridge I need to use, so a perfect recipe. I presume lard would work as well as butter, no?

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  1. Irish soda bread easy as the one times table | homethoughtsfromabroad626

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