Top rump Irish stew

sometimes all you want is something so simple yet so tasty .. 

That’s where things like stew step in.. I have learnt over many years that the key really is good ingredients and keeping it simple .. Simple as you can let yourself be! 

So starting with this great piece of red ticket top rump.. 

Chopped up..

( ok I know it woulda made a mighty fine roast..).. Yet this made a heap of stew..


Fried off.. In Mrs middletons straight up oil.. 

 No need to do all sides as my good Dublin bicycle thief friend tells me..

( I don’t think he actually steals bikes.. Great blog he has though.. Look him up.. )..

Adding great church given carrots..


And church potatoes .. ( for those unsure what I mean it’s the bounty I get each Sunday from my scilian pal Vince).. 

And good beef bone stock.. Some oyster sauce .. And a splash of soy..


All that into the slow cooker.. On low for like eleven hours.. Then left to meld up.. For a couple of days.. This time just equals flavour.. 

Let’s run through them ingredients again..

Quality meat



Stock and seasonings.. 

And time.. Lots of time…

Great huh?!!

Mrs Fitz was waiting for this.. It filled the kitchen with proper ‘homely’ smells.. That’s her complaining that her bowl is empty.. 


Good French boule with unsalted French butter..

 This really is simple cooking at its greatest.. 

Frickin stunning… 

Am going for it again for another supper real soon.. 

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  1. Very nice my friend. And what about that Vince fellow – what a man.

    Liked by 1 person

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