Guinness soda bread

Mrs Fitz (still not well.. If it carry’s on much more a referral will be on the cards)..

Decided to cheer herself up by making bread.. Guinness Bread? Yup! Personally I like lucozade, milky ways and comics when feeling sick.. X ooh and maybe some ready salted discos with Heinz tomato soup.. X (funny that.. Heinz makes it straight into the spell checker yet lucozade doesn’t.. Hmmmm..)

Seven ounces white flour, one tsp salt, 2 tsp bicarb, 550 grams wholemeal flour, 2 TBSP real dark an sticky muscavodo sugars, 220 mls buttermilk, an a lovely half pint of good ol irish stout..

Mix in all ‘white’ ingredients, then chuck in the ‘brown’ ingredients.. Then all the liquids, make a very wet dough.. Smush onto flour.. No kneading now! Roll into sausage like shape ( wouldn’t it be cool if sausage was that big!).. Yet serious no no kneading.. Pop into a loaf tin oiled up with olive oil..

Bake at 220 for ten, then reduce to 180 for 25 mins, then make sure it knocks hollow when cooked.. More or less!

Leave it rest.. Turned out.. My dear friends.. It really is quite devine! Tried it with that bacon jam with a pal.. That stuff is strange yet really kinda cool…

Am taking a loaf plus bacon jam to my attorney tomorrow.. Let’s see his opinion! X

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