Home-made ,Pizza , no Cheese , for me anyways..

Home made pizza?


I am with ya.. Should you bother?.. Well I don’t take dairy so its the only way minus the dairy.. X

Yet FECK ME BROTHERS & SISTERS! You gotta try this.. We have all watched the TV shows saying it.. Yet feck its a freakin loreal add .. Its so so so worth it…

Mrs Fitz (despite being STILL unwell an getting new meds from the quacks) has provided a great dough.. She really is the bestest on breads at times x

Big waiting on the rising an proving thingy (all the rage right now I am to understand!)

Any-hoo.. X

Topped off with the finest milano salami, and some wonderful saucission..$$$…

Pizza paste from a can.. Very good stuff .. Addition of herbage (dried) and a splash of the olive oi from Chile.. It is smashing x

Mate , Sis, Bruv , Cuz… Whatever..

Good for me.. In all da hoods!

Not quite Turkish nor Lebanese pizza.. And I have met great long term friends over those!

Yet real nice supper.. X thanks Mrs Fitz x

And for the cola ice-pop x

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