Fougasse again…Lebanese stylee

We are a little bit addicted to this fougasse now.. Even when we finished this one up Mrs Fitz was talking about the next.. !

This one we changed slightly.. The dough was aimed more at a ciabatta mix.. Again Mrs Fitz took the reigns for this part.. I must watch what she does..

Once risen.. Knocked back down and coated in a little olive oil.. Then left to to back up a little again ..

Mrs Middletons pimped chilli oil skazzered over the top and ghormet sabzi Lebanese herb mix over the top.. I know you are supposed to rehydrate this mix.. yet I think it really works as a dried number too! Great flavours… Great smells..

The bread slashed up, this was a little more springy than the last.. Into a much hotter oven.. 220 real money;-)

When was it ready? Ummm when we both agreed in it!

Again with the baba ganoush .. And the oil and balsamic ..

Great flavours..

Next one ?

Need to find the zatar..

Hmmm.. A bit of a movie title that! Mr Fitz and the search for the jar of zatar .. Hmmm



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