Chinese crispy beef with chow mein

I love owning this lump of sirloin I have had for over a week now I the fridge.. Just sat there.. Ageing away, uncovered of course! It means I can just merrily hack away at it whenever I want steak.. Which is quite often.. Ahem..

Now I have a test for all the Chinese takeaways I ever eat in? (Should that be out?)..

Crispy beef..

It’s a joy when right!

Ok.. I know it’s kinda like beef chilli candy really.. Perhaps like beef m&m’s? Hmmm yummmm

Yet it can fail.. And you end if with more crisp than beef… Or like a bad onion bhaji.. A clumped up ball of greasy yet somehow very dry beef..

And the sauce cannot be too sweet.. Nor contain too much sugar..

It’s a tough gig man!

So why not give a fakeaway a go?

With the assistance of the Blue Dragon gang .. I think this is fair as it’s my first time doing this.. And I am sure that I don’t have the right ingredients for the sauce right now in the cupboards..

Cutting a nice piece of sirloin .. Then trimming and tossing the the given flour.. It seems like tempura flour without adding liquid.. Frying.. Till crisp and maintaining that crisp on ikea paper..

Sauce into the wok.. Heated.. The beef added back..

The chow mein?

Onion chopped and fried hard in a dry wok. To real ease the sugar yet keep the texture .. Chinese lettuce leaves also added as they need eating..

Loads of bean sprouts .. they wilt down somewhat .. Chow mein noodles boiled and rinsed under the tap..

All into the hot wok..

Some mrs Middletons pimped garlic oil to help it slick up..

Kikkoman soy.. And sweet soy also..

Just cooked.. Just lovely!

Into ‘authentic’ Chinese containers.. And eaten from them also.. It does make a difference!

And that crispy beef worked.. I think next time the addition of some fresh spring onion and some chopped chilli’s would make it just right..

The best thing though?

We have more leftovers!!

Cool! IMG_6487.JPG







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6 replies

  1. My stomach just growled at the sight of this. Yum!!


  2. Beef Chowmein is something I never heard of . Looks delicious.


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