Comfort hug- fish pie

Mrs Fitz is still requiring hugs .. So I will be the dutiful husband..

This food hug is far more for her than me.. Yet am happy to make it ..

Mixed fish into a sauce made with sauce flour, seasoning, milk and parsley.. Let alone to blip away..

A chopped bag of watercress, spinach and rocket.. Perfect for this kind of affair.. Into the sauce..

The mixture ( which I did taste and it was admittedly very nice!).. Cooled and into the dish..

Spuds boiled and mashed .. Of course with an egg yolk.. Butter and mrs Middletons rapeseed chives added also..

Into the oven to crisp..

Mrs Fitz loved it.. So that’s perfect .. And there is more than enough left over for lunch… Cool! IMG_6457.JPG





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14 replies

  1. Very sweet indeed; truly one of life’s little pleasures is cooking our loved ones’ favorite foods for them to enjoy. What is “sauce flour?” And, I see your own self-hug (steak) hiding there in the corner.


  2. What a difference an egg yolk in the mash makes!! Am new to trying that and love it. Thats a good looking fish pie!


  3. All those herbs look fantastic – the best fish pies feature herbs!
    I love the idea of a food hug – I’ve got a favourite old (and very worn out) jumper that I can’t bear to throw away – it’s my ‘clothes hug’…! Like Mrs Fitz, we all need hugs of many sorts –
    Emma 🙂


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