First time fougasse

I simply have to know what all the fuss is about with this fougasse phenomenon.. (Doo doo doo do do)..

I am seeing it all over the world! That’s a great thing yet I need to try it out..

As many will know baking is not my bag really, so with the assistance of the wonderful Mrs Fitz a dough was born..

Left to rise.. Then I cut it.. Pulled it about .. Slashed it .. sprinkled oregano on one and basil on the other..

Splashed my pimped Mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil on them.. and into the oven..

How long? Hmmm mebbe 25 minutes? Maybe less? the oven was at 180 (real money)..

I have to say it tasted great! Yet fresh crunchy bread is hard to beat.. Specially when you serve it with very good quality olive oil and velvety balsamic.. And a wonderful store bought baba ganoush .. Oooh yeah!







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13 replies

  1. Looks great, Mr. Fitz! Would love to give it a try… Recipe? Cheers!


  2. Wow, totally impressed, it looks gorgeous as well as crispy/oily/crusty delicious!


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