Sweet ‘ol cottage pie

Sometimes you just need a giant food hug .. The kind that makes you know the world isn’t so bad and that things will be ok.. This cottage pie falls straight into that category..

Mrs Fitz has returned from her trip to the Emerald Isle and needed both a big physical and food related hug..

So why not have both?

Cottage pie.. Yeah… Ccccoootttttaaaaaggge piiiie..

The truly heady mix of ground beef , finely diced celery, carrot and onion.. Going old school with a Bisto gravy.. A squish of ketchup and a splash of Worcestershire sauce.. Cooked down with a couple of bay leaves.. Cooked down till dark caramel in colour..

Left to cool..

Spuds boiled and riced into a mix of black pepper, butter , milk.. Cornish sea salt and a burford buff egg yolk..

Topped onto the meat.,

Into the oven..

French green beans and petit pois to go with..

And a good dollop of tommy k for me..

Now that’s a food hug for sure..








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11 replies

  1. If anyone knows how to give a good ol’ food hug, it’s you!! Yuummm


  2. I just nearly ate my screen! I love cottage pie! I actually make it very similar to you but with an additional couple dashes of Lea and Perrins in with the meat. Yum!!


  3. Hands down, this is my FAVORITE… absolutely FAVORITE… type of meal. (I mean I’m the Cozy Cook… and that’s because ‘Comfort’ was already taken!)- I love this stuff. Potatoes and meat… I mean that’s all you need really! I couldn’t look at this post too long, I was getting too hungry (and I just ate lunch if that tells you anything about how good it looks!)- Nice work!


  4. That’s a hell of a food hug right there!!



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