Mr Fitz chow mein and porky thingy

After long discussions with a pal about the joys if chow mein I just had to knock one up!

Chow mein is a wonderful dish.. And by rights should be real simple to make..

So a trip to the Chinese superstore got me great noodles and a bag of fresh bean sprouts… Of course had to get a couple of other things , some cooking rice wine and some chilli oil.. There are so many things on the endless shelves that you just have to stare at in wonder..!

So to make the plain chow mein..

Add hot water to the noodles and boil hard for three minutes or so.. Then run water through them to cool them down ..

A chopped onion straight into the wok.. No oil at this stage.. Then the bean sprouts that have been rinsed ..

A splash of rice wine then the noodles added .. Swizzle swish swish.. Premium soy sauce added now.. Plus pimped roscoff garlic Mrs Middletons oil, ( that will supply the oil on the lips do needed in great chow mein!)..

And finally sweet ketjap sauce..

Turned out into plastic tubs to add authenticity .. Lids on to let it meld together..

Brilliant and you could stop right there and be very happy ..

Yet what better than the addition if another dish? Porky goodness !!

Stripes of belly pork marinated in Worcestershire sauce, Japanese pepper and a few other touches.

Grilled till cooked through and most of the fat rendered out .. By placing them on the bars it helps them not swim in grease..

These were delicious alone!

Yet I wanted to try out something.

So chopped up a few of the slices.. And some Chinese lettuce .. Into a hit wok.. Hoisin and garlic sauce added .. a little water to loosen and kind of make a small amount of gravy.. Smells amazing! A quick addition of petit pois just for extra pop..

All gobbled up quick.. I loved it!

Best thing?

I have leftovers.. And we all know that thee is nothing better than Chinese leftovers for breakfast right?







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8 replies

  1. That makes me so hungry. Looking great!


  2. Totally laughing at the title…love it! Love chow mein!



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