Help ! Required and pulled pork sandwiches

Help is required please!

And who better to ask than my virtual party people at fiesta friday!

Ok.. I just cannot get corn tortillas to work for me.. This is now my third attempt! HUMPH!

easy recipe .. Two cups flour one and a quarter of warm water and a little salt..

I don’t own a tortilla press so am using a plate. have also tried rolling.. Thing is they just stick to the iron pan.. Even when lightly oiled and also when the ate is searing hot.. (Have also tried a cooled pan).. What the heck is happening??????

It should be like too simple right?

Please help! Am desperate!

Ok. Back to my no corn tortillas pulled pork supper..

Had a great pork hock from Harriet . Butcher Dave had been on his hols so haven’t seen him for a while..

Into the slow cooker with it.. Carrot onion bay leaf and pepper corns.. Topped with veg stock left to cook for seven hours.. Yup seven …

Enough time for a walk with the hounds.. They love eating blackberries straight from the bushes..

Then left overnight to steep in the liquor ..

Stripped and pulled..

A wonderfully sweet white onion added as well as some taco seasoning ( darn those corn tortillas ).. And franks wing sauce.. You have to love franks sauce right ?

Part baked bread baked off .. The middle pulled out.. Just to leave a shell.. (A corn tortilla would be perfect here right now..)..

Pimped mrs Middletons Italian chilli oil..

Creme fresh for me..

For Mrs Fitz some grated sharp cheddar dill pickles and a splash of Worcestershire sauce.. Back in the oven to meld a little..

Very nice I must admit!

Yet I ask once more ..

Help! IMG_6356.JPG










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  1. I’m very sorry but I’m not able to help you about tortillas… but I can share that sandwich if you’d like…. pulled pork is my latest passion.. but usually I cooke the pork in the oven… the idea of boil it sounds great, I’m going to try next time.. thanks a lot for sharing and bringing it to FF!


  2. Holy shit you didn’t mess around with that pork!! πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Mr Fitz, thanks for following my blog and commenting on gullivers travels πŸ™‚

    I remember reading a traditional corn tortilla recipe that starts out with the original corn kernels not masa harina which is corn meal flour made from kernels soaked in lye and then squashed and turned into flour. Is that the type of flour you are using, depending on what you start out with? I
    I remember trying to make tortilla years ago and gave up as I didn’t have the right starting ingredients. I think it’s almost impossible to get the cornmeal mix to stick together so that is the first thing I would look at.

    The second thing you could try is to roll out between 2 sheets of cooking parchment, that way the dough wont stick to the rolling pin and the third would be to bake in the oven rather than in a pan, for easy sliding in and out. and I also think a tortila press will make your life easier.

    And lastly substituting 25% corn meal with flour as suggested by chef mimi πŸ™‚ and leaving it a to rest.

    Good luck I too can hear and understand your desperation πŸ™‚


  4. Lol. I can hear the desperation in your voice way over here!


  5. I am afraid I can’t be much help with the corn tortillas …but I think your pulled pork sandwiches look delicious!


  6. I might suggest adding a little bit of wheat flour to the mix. And I do know from experience, that a press is a magical tool! The favorite tortillas that I purchase are half wheat and half corn I just love them. But of course, I know that’s not what you’re after.


  7. Try a teeny bit of whipped lard. If mixture is crumbling it’s too dry so add a bit more water. And I’m not sure that corn flour is what you want, but rather “MASA HARINA.” Masa Harina usually comes with lime (not the citrus kind) in it which helps the chemical process along and makes for a more pliable tortilla rather than dry and crumbly. Also want to make sure that you are using cast iron with a hefty dose of shortening of suitable fat for coating.


    • Ahhh hmm yet they do make great corn based flatbreads in Kashmir .. Hard to get masa harina round me.. Will have to seek further! Thanks for the help though.. Adding lard is always a good plan!


  8. I also use the Maseca brand masa flour (and a tortilla press…) one thing that might help if you’re rolling these out by hand is to roll the dough out between two plastic sheets.


  9. MR FITZ. I think there is a difference between corn meal and corn flour. Something in the process when its made. Try corn flour instead.


  10. So frustrating!! I have made corn tortillas but used nixtamalized corn flour- I don’t know if that would make a difference with sticking?!? The instructions I had were really specific– here is my post if you want to check it out:
    Good luck!



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