Sirloin steak and home grown spuds

There is absolutely nothing better than eating simply boiled spuds that have just come out of the soil ..

And thanks to my pal jack, who kindly let me have a tub of his spuds.. That’s exactly what we had..

A simple wash to remove the soil, boiled till knife point tender, a little butter and a half bag of Persian cress salad from the mighty Steve’s leaves company.. Mixing salad into warm spuds line this is a great way of pimping the spuds as well as ensuring we eat salad! ( well me anyways..)

Carrots and petit pois with a little veal jus added.. Boiled down..

And beautiful sirloins.. Full of marbling.. Stunning ! I like to buy a whole piece as then I can cut the steaks ‘fresh’ and to exactly the size you require.. And what better than opening your fridge to see such a stunning bit of meat! Great! Just simply oiled with pimped mrs Middletons Lebanese oil .. And cooked in a searing hot pan.. Just a minute of two a side..

A pretty looking dinner? Not one for the food stylists yet for sure one for people that want to eat!!! It was delicious! Great tasting food.. Just great!







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  4. Home grown spuds…it doesn’t get any better than that!


  5. I’m pleased to say after all my hard work, the potatoes survived the potato bugs. Your pictures remind me to dig them up soon and start putting them to good use.


  6. Another awesome plate! Thanks a lot again for bringing it over to FF!


  7. I wish I was sitting at your table with that meal in front of me! Yum.


  8. Mmmmm! We’ve been on a spud binge here in Oregon because …must be the soil & freshness… They taste soooo good and have so much more flavor than even the farmers spuds I get in LA! Great looking steaks mmmmmyum



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