Black eyed bean miso potato fritters? VEGAN!

Should these be called fritters? Yeah I reckon so..

I based these on an old meal my Mama used to make me as a child.. A delicious combo of blackeyed beans, cooked with miso and onion, mashed spuds with olive oil and a tahini ‘gravy’..

And I used to love it!

So this was loosely based on that ..

Thank goodness for canned blackeyed beans these days!

Drained beans.. Some good quality miso soup base.. not the dried stuff ..

Chopped white onion..

All mushed together with some black pepper.. Mushed is a good word .. Not too mushy mind.. now even at this stage it’s stunning! This could do as it is..

Yet the addition of boiled charlottes just knife point tender..

Some Himalayan rock salt.. To taste..

Some coriander and parsley..

Now again this is proper tasty now! I was spooning it into my mouth..

Delicious! I reckon this would make great rissoles/burgers

Yet let’s take it a little further..

Roll into little balls.. Chill a little ( both you and the mix hahaha! )

Whooped up a batter with Budweiser and lemon juice.. Using that wonderful double dragon self raising flour.. Brilliant flour that for a batter ..

Heated neat Mrs Middletons oil in the wok.. dunked the balls into the batter and gently plopped into the oil..

Just to get them crispy. This batter with the addition of Sind malt vinegar would make the most wonderful batter for fish.. Or sausages.., or Mars bars..

Drained on Swedish superstore brown paper .. Perfect to drain and retain the crispness..

Passed some over to the neighbours and done to Mama.. A thumbs up from her! So that’s a good thing!

I had mine with maggis sweet and spicy ketchup.. Perfect Scooby snack..

Perfect …

You gotta make these! Even in battered.. (Far healthier I guess!)..







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20 replies

  1. Hi Mr. Fitz,

    Your delicious recipe has been nominated as one of the “Top 100 Best Potato Fritters Recipes on the Internet”. You can view it and vote for it here: (position #92).


  2. I like the idea of adding miso to fritters. Lovely looking snack!


  3. Those fritters look absolutely divine! I crave deep fried stuff when it rains, so this is perfect for the weather we are experiencing now 🙂


  4. The big board with all those perfectly shaped balls sitting on it…. wonderful. And then they’re vegan too! Now that is perfect 🙂
    Surely you didn’t need to use up all that Budweiser for the batter. Cheers and happy FF!


  5. Those suckers look good. I love a good fritter.


  6. Oh Mr. Fitz, you made me definitely hungry with this post! Look very yummy and original! Thanks for bringing it to FF!


  7. miso potato fritters sounds great and looks yum yum tooo…


  8. I have never had Miso, but am really starting to see a lot of recipes using it. Your dish looks delicious!


  9. I wonder how your mama got turned on to miso . . . and then mixed it with potatoes! It’s such a great ingredient to have on hand to umami-fy anything including even oatmeal . . . mmm with a little fried egg and bacon on top.



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