Sandwiches for lunch

The sandwich ..

We don’t have them often..

It does make for a good lunch occasionally though.. not the cold flaccid numbers from the garage.. Or the over priced ‘artisan’ ones.. Yet good ol home made numbers..

And what better than the classic egg and cress ? A British delight !

Boiled burford buff eggs.. Delightful yolks..

Kinda soft boiled yet not too over..

Cress .. Not grown on toilet paper like as a kid.. Remember that ? Growing cress and pepper? Why can you only get cress now? Or is it actually the same?

Trimmed with scissors .. Now this is for Mrs Fitz so mayo added .. Of course it’s ‘that’ brand! an pepper..

Hole-ee cheese as well .. makes me think of mice whenever I use that!

Lady blush tomatoes from the Isle of Wight complete this Sanger on seeded while meal courtesy of the Jackson family.. Oh! and buttered one side! (Proper butter if course!).. Served with some crinkle crisps .. Why do crisps and sandwiches go so well?

Would the earl of sandwich won more poker hands if he had extra carbs also?

Mrs Fitz was very happy indeed!

For me?

About time I ate some fish ..

Fish sticks count right ?

And how many should go in a sandwich?

Oven baked there was only eight in the carton.. I always think that you should have an odd number.. Perhaps five?

Feck it..

Eight is good…

Buttered bread..

Stokes ketchup of course..

Did I finish it? Just…

Do I want more Sangers ?

Not for a while..





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11 replies

  1. I love when tomatoes look that bright red. Delish. It certainly adds to a good sandwich.


  2. Oh shit. You got a pile of childhood memories going there. Egg sandwiches, fish stick sandwiches… Effing love it


  3. what happened to the finger ??


  4. Ohhh man !!! I drool , i drool !!!


  5. Oh yes, fish finger sarnies. A classic, Mr Fitz. However I didn’t know it was possible to get eight between two slices of bread!


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