Salmon fishy pie

There is definitely something fishy going on I tell ya!

Last nights supper of that salmon puff resulted in leftover ‘mix’..

So with the help of some if jacks spuds.. They are SO good! And a couple of burford buff eggs .. Fish pie was born!

Boiled the eggs.. Shelled and put on the dish with the salmon spinach and watercress mixture.. Topped off with crumbled spuds.. A drizzle of mrs Middletons pimped Italian chilli oil and it was done.. Simple.. Easy .. And by the accounts of Mrs Fitz.. Delicious! 20140808-124723-46043832.jpg




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10 replies

  1. I love how you always do something awesome with your left overs, love fish pie!


  2. Oh please don’t tell me you didn’t try this one either Mr Fitz!? Comfort food at it’s finest.


  3. Yum! Love those photos!


  4. Hi Novice gardener.. I cannot open any blogs at wordpress… happening to you also?



  1. Fiesta Friday #28 | The Novice Gardener

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