Bubble and squeak yay!

I forget just how much I like bubble and squeak .. It’s great .. It started the other day when I treated myself to a breakfast.. and added bubble to the breakfast.. And it was the star!

So since that memorable moment I have desired bubble and squeak..

I have had it twice.. One with a baked potato bought from a stall .. Taken home and chopped with pointy cabbage and streaky bacon..

And today’s star!!!

A feast of jacks potatoes .. Chorizo coins, streaky bacon, pointy cabbage and white onion.. Stunning!

All fried up and a few knobs of butter added.. Just for flavour .. And this hits flavour town!!!

Ooh bubble and squeak.. Wonderful..

Even great without the meat.. Dare I say it! Bubble and squeak with miso and tahini black eyed beans was a dish my Mama used to make me as a growing boy.. It was one of my faves!!.. Hmmm perhaps that needs a revisit! 20140808-152620-55580905.jpg







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  1. I like bubble and squeak when it’s freshly fried and full of good stuff, like yours! As for your mum’s version – it sounds unusual but tasty, would you have the recipe to share?
    Thank you for an awesome meaty contribution to Fiesta Friday, as always!


  2. I’ve never heard of bubble and squeak, thanks for helping me learn something new today. 🙂


    • No way??? It’s wonderful!!! Traditional wax you would throw everything left from the roast in the pan.. And also to stodge up a breakfast.. It’s great with grated sprouts too! You need to let the spuds go cold first



  1. Fiesta Friday #28 | The Novice Gardener

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