Fish, chips & podded peas 

as you probably have realised by reading my posts..  Fish doesn’t really feature.. I struggle with it.  There is one way of getting me to eat it though. Fried of course! (Even then it’s not really happening..).. 

When I was a kid, sometimes me and Father would make plaice and chips.. I used to love coating the fish in the egg wash and the bright orange crumbs.. The crumbs have to be those bright orange ones.. Yet now I use a mix of Panko and the orange crumbs.. 

The fish? 

These good looking pieces of cod.. Red ticket cod.. 


The hounds got the skin and bits , we just had some fillets.. Cut into chunks.. 

Into the egg then the crumbs..

They will be fried off in the last of the Mrs Middletons regular oil.. 

The chips! THE CHIPS!!

Maris pipers chopped and chef ping softening them up for us.. 


It’s a great way of making chips.. 

Then into the oil.. 


Till lovely and crispy .. Really not long! 

The fish fried off too.. 


Onto a wire rack with a piece of ikea brown paper underneath.. The chips go back into the oil too.. That makes them super browny and crispy.. 


Yummy yummy yum.. 

And onto those peas.. Expertly podded by Mrs Fitz..(although am sure we lost a bunch along the way..).. Hmmmm a podders prerogative perhaps?

Chef ping will deal with these also.. With some French sea salt unpasteurised butter.. And garden mint and garden chives..

Chef ping expertly cooked them in just over a minute on full power.. 

All served up.. 


With a splash of white wine vinegar and some bearnise jarred sauce. 


Ok it was nice.. Will it change my world? 


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  1. Looks good. Shame about the fish thing. Is it just fish or all seafood?

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