Lamb shank surprise! and freaked up bread.. 

the good thing about the way we cook is that often it provides meals way past the event.. This one is a great freezer find..

Jolly well done Mrs Fitz! 

Defrosted and into a pan with a little extra chicken stock and more frozen French green beans.. (Those puy lentils are a thing of delight!)..


Maybe this shot is better? 


Well either way you get the idea.. Wish you could get the smell too.. It’s filling the kitchen with wonderful scents of far away places.. 

To go with it? 

A kinda of twisted up bread.. 

Take a good pre mix of ciabatta bread.. Adding water And olive oil..


Turning into a dough.. Letting it prove a while.. Then kinda stretching it up.. Umm like this!


A bit strange looking? Hmm anyhow sprinkled with poppy seeds.. 

Into a hot oven.. For about twenty minutes.. Taking it out and running it with French unpasteurised sea salted butter.. 


How cool is that!!

And this..


Brilliant huh?

Take another look..


Ahh go on.. One more then.. 


I do not apologise for that many pics.. Trust me it’s worth it.. It was lovely! 

And it all began with this..
Thanks Mrs Fitz.. 😘


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13 replies

  1. Ooh I love this Mr Fitz! That bread is so awesome, I gotta try it!

    Thanks for sharing it with us at Fiesta Friday!

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  2. It reminds me of fougasse. But maybe you just invented something new!!! Great looking meal.

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  3. I love leftovers to use in other dishes. I have a huge freezer in the basement and there is always a few meals just waiting to be defrosted. You had fun with your bread – I like it! Thanks for sharing with the party goers at Fiesta Friday #73 🙂

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  4. Your take on the ciabatta makes me wish I could bring myself to buy bread mixes … well, what if I don’t tell anyone?

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  5. Loving it and am now very very hungry!!


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