Janssons temptation and hanger steak

Janssons temptation .. ??

It’s a wonderful Swedish dish..

A great potatoey number with cream onions, potato and anchovies..

Anchovies? Mr Fitz?? Fish? Really?

Yup.. Really really..

Slice the potatoes and onion..


Layered in the dish.. Anchovies added at each layer..


Single cream poured in.. And topped with breadcrumbs and butter..


That goes into the oven for about 45 minutes..

It really is good.. The anchovies disappear.. And the flavour is great!

I think you are supposed to use Swedish anchoviey type things.. This seems gone to me! It would go great with lamb..


Onto the steak..

Hanger/onglet of course!!


Still got some Chimchurri left over so that’s going to be the dressing..


The steak oiled seasoned and fried off real hot and fast..


No veggies required!!


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  1. The secret to Swedish potato bake is special anchovies from IKEA 🙂 Here’s my version of the recipe: http://onfoodietrail.com/2014/11/17/janssons-temptation-swedish-potato-bake/


  2. Yep. That belongs in my belly.
    I made chimmichurri today… damn I love that shit!

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  3. Yum! The gratin looks tasty. I am sold on steak and chimichurri sauce.

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  4. looking good 🙂 Shall i give you a shout when I run out of maple? lol


  5. That’s a real “meat and potatoes” meal!

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