Leetle scones , jam and cream and chicken pie and roasties

Strange title ?

Not really!

I was pretty darn proud of myself cooking these scones..


Ok for bakers out there and cake people I am sure you can churn them out all day.. ! Yet I do savoury not sweet.. Not really..

Yet after looking on-line at JO and Delia.. This is a mash up of both.. (More Delia to be fair.. You just know it’s going to work!)..

Self raising flour, about 230 grams, sprinkle of bicarb, like a sprinkle, 110 ml of milk, shake of salt, two tablespoonsish of brown cane sugar, around a guesstimate of 40 grams of butter…

And a squizzle of lemon juice ( that’s the only JO bit..)..

Now I know people always say that baking is a science.. And that recipes have to be followed to the letter .. Not in this postbox!


All mixed up quick with fingers then a knife.. Then kneaded a little ala delias advice.. (Mrs Fitz disagreeing).. Into a dough ..


Rolled quite thick.. And cut out with a bubbles glass ..



Into the oven at 220 real money degrees for 14 minutes..


Dusted with icing sugar.. And when slightly cooler split open and Cornish clotted cream splodged one side and 100 percent French fruit strawberry jam the other ..


Blinkin lovely with a cup of white tea!


The chicken pie was a red ticket number that was plucked out of the big freezer.. That was from November .. Good pie though.. With excellent roasties in goose fat..


When the oil was smoking enough for mrs Fitz to come into the kitchen thinking something was on fire in went the par boiled and ‘elvis’ spuds.. (All shook up !!! Hehehe..)..


Shake ocini on top.. And crunchy sea salt..


Frozen peas and jolly green giant corn and peppers with unsalted French butter make up the veg..


Good Sunday afternoon supper..


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17 replies

  1. Those scones look so good! And I’m seriously craving scones right now 🙂

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  2. These look great! I love all the pictures as always. 😀


  3. Cute assed lil scones with a heap of jam and cream? Eff yes!!! 🙂


  4. Scones look yum

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ooooh they look great! So yummy ^^



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