Saturday night injun food..

So we at last get to have great injun food once more!

We started by visiting balas sweet centre which is to be fair a good way a way from us.. It’s so worth the drive though!


The samosa chaat is seriously wonderful! Fresh veg samosas ,chickpea stuff , salad and delightful ummakeable sauces!


It’s the stuff of the gods I swear! So delicious and fresh! We are truly lucky indeed!



I always look at the sweets yet we never take them.. Maybe one day ..

Yet they also sell a bunch if great stuff ..

Which meant bringing home delights ..

‘Secrets’ for now .. Apart from the bhatura bread re warmed up..



A bel poori ( think that’s how you spell it.. ).. That would have been much better ‘fresh’. .. You only learn huh..


Yet all served up with this wonderful yet spicy vegan carrot subjee number…


Chef ping dealt with it all.. Best staff we ever had.. Along with the temperamental Eastern European dishwasher .. Mister beko..


Fresh breads.. And awesome currys..

Happy Saturday night !!

( we have breakfast stuff too ! Yet are in bed watching Gotham… ).,

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17 replies

  1. Awesome sauce indeed!
    Happy new year my friend. Keep up the crazy feasting in 2015!!!

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  2. I soo love indian street food. I miss eating them. I think you guys had a good time there. 🙂

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  3. After all that partying at Fiesta Friday, you deserve the night off! Enjoy.

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  4. Big sigh…homesick for good Indian! Ever visited Prashad near Bradford? Best Indian food I ever tasted (and I’ve traveled around India numerous times) – and worth flying across the pond for 😉

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  5. Haha not yuk i mean yum lmao sorry dont know how that happened

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