Mutton chop curry and failed naan

Well fiesta friday is in fine swing!

And I still have an abundance of mutton chops.. Must be time to make a curry.. !

Easy peasey..

Fried Spanish onions .(I love brown Spanish onions..). The chops added too..


Then a little help from the #patak family .. And some great Italian tomatoes..



Left to bubble away before adding peas and a can of spinach purée .


It’s that easy.. !! And slowing the cooking right down using a diffuser and letting time do it’s thing really does just turn out the best tasting food! A little water added to loosen up a little ..

That left all alone..

The nan made.. Regular dough.. Yet this is a good learn for me.. Do not stretch the breads and think they will still rise!


They don’t..



So the mutton curry can wait till tomorrow’s tea..

Instead mrs Fitz warmed up a Camabert thingy.. And had it with garlic bread..



I had bread and meats… Lovely yet not quite what was planned..


Ahh well .. It will get better with the time spent in the fridge…

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12 replies

  1. I was scared to make naan- now I’m terrified… :/
    The camembert thing looks delicious!!

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  2. The curry looks delicious, and I chuckled at the bit about the naan not rising. Better luck next time! 😀

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  3. Still looked edible to me! I loved the camabert too.

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  4. My heart goes out to you. Naangate, no less. 😦

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