Mrs Fitz mahi mahi. Mr Fitz sirloins, new season spuds and salad and redborne eggs.. 

surf and turf..Umm


Mrs Fitz still off the beefs.. 

So mahi mahi in a peppery marinade for Mrs Fitz.. ( what is mahi mahi anyways? Must ask the google gods sometime).. 

Some red ticket free range sirloins for me.. 

Both with new season English potatoes , not small ones.. Proper full size boys.. simply boiled with some of my grandfathers bay.. 


The shishies and the steaks pan fried off.. 


A salad of course.. Well I say of course!! It’s been ages since we had a salad so was good when Mrs Fitz suggested it.. 

The eggs from redborne school farm, they really are the bizzle.. Ahem.. 😉


It’s a good supper this.. A ‘clean’ tasting meal if that makes sense.. 


Mrs Fitz had a nice olive oil dressing.. With chimichurri of course! 

I had the steak drippings from the pan.. Brilliant on salad.. A warm beefy buttery dressing!! And some salsa verde.. 


The hounds were pretty pissed that they didn’t get any.. Yet trust me. Their chicken and rice with veggies cooked by Mrs Fitz looked great! 


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