Vegan supper.. Yeah you read that right.. VEGAN! huh?

I know I know.. Calm down.. It’s ok… Nothing to worry about .. 

With great leftovers of that cauliflower curry thingy.. And a can of makhani dhal .. It’s really not as good as that wonderful one in Ajman ..

It’s not bad though.. Would have been better with cream butter and slow roasted over coals all night .. Ahh well.. 

Let’s cheer this up..( although honestly it doesn’t need cheering!)..

Pooris.. Uncle bens wok fried breads.. 

Rolled out.. Just atta flour, warm water and salt.. 

Into Mrs Middletons oil..

Drained out.. They really are not greasy though ..   

And snaffled while hot.. Meatless supper.. And a joy to eat.. With of course a drop of chimichurri.. 


Meat free supper…


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  1. Welcome to the Fiesta Mr. Fitz… I had to read and re-read, to make sure this was the MR. FITZ that we all know eats, lives and breathes MEAT! But leaving that aside, you amaze me with your knowledge of Indian cuisine. I haven’t had pooris in forever, I guess because they are deep fried? They are yummy though. Good luck on your travels to India, you brave souls :). I fear for my stomach whenever we visit Goa (where my folks hailed from). I think I’ve been to India about 4 times in my life. Bravo to you and your wife.


    • Yeah it’s me! You gotta have pooris they don’t soak up any oil .. As long as the oil is hot enough! Mrs Fitz is looking forward to INDIA.. Delhi then Jaipur .. Food adventures a plenty!


  2. Jaipur is one of my favourite cities. So colourful and the food will be super.

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  3. It just goes to show you are open minded and appreciate how wonderful a vegan dish can be, it does sound really delicious.

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  4. Major poof action going on there with the bread. I must admit, I did almost get very worried and paranoid . . . within 7 days both my mom and dad who are lifelong diehard meat foodies, have gone vegan AND no oil (doctor’s orders) and my husband is off white flour, sugar and coffee. If Mr. Fitz then went vegan on me I would know aliens are to invade real soon.

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  5. Oooohhh yum
    But vegan? You? 😱😱😱

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  6. Well MY mouth is watering 😜

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  7. Heavens – are you feeling ok? 😉😆

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