Curry time .. Vegan and not (ahem).. 

Fancied curry.. And using up freezer finds.. 

So defrosted red ticket chicken marinated first in lemon juice water and a secret blend of a few Shan family products.. 


Great colour huh? 

Then half an hour or so later.. 

Fried off adding curry leaves and fenugreek leaves.. 


No onions, ginger or garlic! 

The sieve the Italian tomatoes.. Then no seeds or skins.. 


And then adding cream… And a little butter.. 

More fenugreek.. 

Taaa daaaa! It’s like a butter chicken type curry.. Or a like a chicken tikka.. 

Either way reduced down its very pleasant .. 

And the vegan one? 

Roasted cauliflower as Father Fitz advises.. Twenty minutes.. 

Fried onions and garlic and ginger.. 

With chopped potatoes .. Garam masala, chilli, turmeric, ground coriander, ground fenugreek , ground cumin.. 


And spinach and some chopped tomatoes.. Reverse osmosis water too.. 


Boiled up hard.. Pretty amazing that it takes longer to cook these vegan dishes than the meat ones! 


And rotis from gold chappati flour.. Real easy.. Flour and water and a bit of salt.. Make sure the water is warm.. It makes the dough so silky and smooth.. 


Cooked on the iron plate and then puffed on the open flames.. 


A stack of these made.. And buttered.. Kept in a tea towel to keep warm.. 

And eaten with gusto… 


We did miss the popadoms and the small salad though… Mebbe next time …. 


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