Tandoori chicken supper

we are indeed a fan of tandoori chicken, now ideally coked in a tandoor oven thingy me bob.. 

You can though replicate it pretty well.. First the chicken.. A baby chicken simply skinned and into four pieces..

Due to how chicken can be these days despite obviously getting the best antibiotic free range numbers .. I toss them in white wine vinegar and leave it for about half an hour.. Does it do anything? Well I like to think so.. It also must flavour it a little.. 

Some boned chicken legs too.. Some extra trimming and again the same vinegar process ..


And some whipped yoghurt and an easy pre spice mix bought from the Pakistani store..  No nasties in it! 

That’s all left for a few hours.. 

Then the leg meat skewered .. 


Into a hot oven for about thirty minutes.. 

Meanwhile fried popadoms .. You always need a stack of them! And some rotis of course.. Remember that is just flour and water.. 


Condiments a plenty! Tamirand and date.. Spicy Mr Singhs, mango chutney , and a plain yoghurt with cucumber and lemon juice.. 

And a fresh salad.. Dressed in Arabic spices and seasonings..


A great spread ! And very tasty!! 


Happy with that!

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  1. I love tandoori chicken, therefore, I love this post, Mr Fitz! 😛


  2. One of my favourites too!

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