BIG Chicken kebabs .. Meat on sticks 

meat on a stick.. Over fire.. Now I am not going to say it brings the cave person out in me.. Because I really don’t think it does.. 

It does though give me great pleasure! I like sitting there slowly checking on doneness.. Turning them once in a while. You get the picture right? 😃

This outing is boned chicken legs.. Marinated.. And skewered onto the metal stick.. 


Then onto fire.. 


 Getting to play with my food… (I like the one that looks like I am playing the piano!).. 👐💐


And they grill up good!! 

Wrapped in foil and left to get their groove on before slicing and storing in the fridge.. 

To eat.. 

Frozen pittas into the toaster.. For some reason pitta cooks so well from the toaster.. Meanwhile a sauce of natural yoghurt, mint concentrate, garlic and ginger paste and lemon juice..

And of course some chimichurri..

Chicken warmed up.. And a chopped salad made too.. 





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