Meat & potatoes , simple eats

is summer actually here? 

Well it sure don’t seem like it! The mornings are starting out very bright and sunny.. Yet that seems to move off pretty sharpish ! 

Yet the warmness/closenessdoes call for simple eats.. What can be better than a simple supper of meat and potatoes? 

The meat is a piece of Gloucester old spot belly.  Roasted on its bones.. First salted.. With vegemare salt ..


Then into the hottest your oven will go for twenty minutes.. It will puff up.. 


Then turn it down to 170 or lower if you like.. And fug-ged-about-it.. For at least two hours.. 

Perhaps walk the hounds? 


Then when two and somewhat more hours have passed..

Whack the heat back up to post 200 .. For about fifteen or so minutes.. This will make it bubble up.. 

 Drain the fat for using another time. 

I prefer to leave it go all the way cold.. Then slice it up.. And eat it at room temperature .. 


Simply served up with new season king Edwards boiled up.  And a drop of chimichurri .. 

Meat and potatoes.. 



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  1. Simple eats are always the best eats! Can I move in with you and Mrs. Fitz? I’ll gladly walk the hounds 😉

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