Vegan samosas & aubergine (not egg plant!) pakoras

samosas.. Who cannot resist a samosa or three? Not talking about those nasty ones with sweet corn and carrots in though.. Or the ones with cashews and raisins ..Yeeuky bukey.. And I know you can bake em yet I think they do have to be fried.. They just do…

First the filling.. Simple .. Leftover boiled new season king Edwards.. 

Fried off and cooled Pink opinion fried with mustard seed, fenugreek powder, salt, ginger and garlic paste, a pinch of asifotieda,garam masala, and red chilli.. 

All mixed together with half a can of French canned petit pois and fresh coriander.  

A simple dough made with all porpoise flour, a shake of salt, some Mrs Middletons straight up oil and warm tap water.. 


And then rolled out.. You can go thinner than this.. I should of.. Ahh well! 

Cut the rolled out into half.. 

Then fold one bit over.. A little water on each of the bits that are to be joined.. 

 Pick it up and hold it I between thumb and finger.. It opens like a pocket .. Add the filling.. And seal up the top part with another swipe of water.  


Keep going till you use up the flour mix.. 

 Heat some straight up oil.  

And fry in UncleBen trusty wok..


Keep your eye on them yet at the same time.. Chop aubergine (no such thing as eggplant ahem..😏).. And mix a batter of gram flour and spices.. 

Pop the veggies into the batter .. 

 Aubergines need a little encouragement to stick to the batter.. A little cornflour dusting woulda helped out really.. 

Fry them off too.. 


Get your game face on.. Whoop up some natural yoghurt with this neat thing  .. Or just add spices and mint.. 


Tamarind and date sauce with some added water.. Chimichurri of course! And a simple chopped salad.. 


Needs some chole chickpeas really.. 

Yet gotta say.. 

Rather delicious supper! 



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