rotisserie Chicken wings and chimichurri

i was ‘donated’ a grill a couple of years back by an old drinking’s been living in the garage ever since.. 

Yet I somehow felt inspired.. So dragging it out and wheeling it around the house to get into the backyard .. Uncovering it and checking for any possible signs of infectious matters! 

Seems cool.. Now the thing about this is that it has a rotisserie .. And I simply love rotisserie.. Dunno why ? Yet I think it’s super dooper cool.. It seems in good enough order.. Needed to replace the batteries.. 

And my buddy was good enough to also give me a full bottle of butane all those years back! Result!! 👐

So after a quick brush of the burners with the (also provided) steel brush.. I turned it all on full.. 

Burning off whatever had decided to live in there.. And also just the dust and stuff.. 

That done.. And a quick talk with the google gods about why the middle burner seems not quite right. Yellow wildflames.. Hmm

Well chicken wings is always a winner winner chicken .. (Yeah you know the rest right?!!).. 

These are fat and still a little feathery.. From franklins farm.. Quite possibly the best chicken you can buy in the UK.. Dusted with polish gyros spices.. 

And clamped on.. 


They took their time.. It’s a shame their isn’t glass window on the front so you could look without opening the hood.. (They only really took their time as I wanted to keep watching them spin around! )..

Pretty cool though! 


Mrs Fitz diligently picked through a big bunch of flat parsley and coriander.. 


(Took about an hour).. 

Then adding dried oregano, pepper flakes, Patagonian purple garlic, maldon sea salt, red wine vinegar and straight up Mrs middletons oil..

All whizzed up.. 


Brilliant stuff.. 

I love my new toy…. Must buy my buddy a pint when I see him next.. And must fix that middle burner somehow.. Hmmmm

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4 replies

  1. What a wonderful exciting cook you are, lovely pics and great wit! Enjoy everything you do.


  2. Rotisserie anything is simply the best! Absolutely brilliant to load it up with wings!,, definitely will give this method a try. Cheers

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