Rose harrisa cous cous, lamb shoulder fillet & inspired aubergines , fresh pomegranate ,In lettuce cups..

Inspired by my blogger pal at:
And the fact that I had an aubergine ( remember there is no such thing as an eggplant 😏)

Plus Mrs Fitz reminding me that we haven’t had cous cous for an age..

Supper was born..

First the meaty part.. Shoulder fillet of lamb cut thin.. With shallot, French garlic courtesy of family friend Ronny.. fresh tomatoes, jarred roasted red peppers and a green pepper from Mr Hill..

Fried off fast in Mrs Middletons straight up oil.. With spices and harrisa paste.


That’s all good..  
So onto that aubergine dish.. 

Sliced and fried.. 


Adding garlic , sweet smoked paprika, maldon salt and cumin.. I don’t have any caraway powder.. Must get some.. 


When cooked up velvety balsamic vinegar.. It makes it magnifique!

The cous cous simply made by crumbling Italian veg stock cubes adding water and the cous cous.. Sealing up and when the stock is all soaked in.. A good dollop of rose harrisa paste.. 


The red gem lettuce sorted into cups..a yoghurt dip made with cucumber salt and lemon juice.. Some great Turkish bread and oil and vinegar.. Chimichurri of course!

The cous cous and toppings into a bowl.. And fresh pomegranate spoon smacked over the top.. 


Piled into the lettuce cups.. 

Just so so so tasty ..


Wonderful flavours.. A true taste of far away places! 

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe and the rest looks so yummy as always! 🙂

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